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Katsara Streamer Shawl ~ January 2010
Designed & Knitted by Andria Senini
To quickly estimate how much yarn you'll need to create your own rectangular project, here's a wonderful, free tool created by The Knitting Friend
This Handy Estimator is for rectangles like my Streamer Shawl (above) or the Katsara Man Scarf (below) or any size shawl, blanket, pillow cover, table runner, etc/   
Katsara Rectangular Man Scarf
Knitted using bulky weight yarn

Below are some general guidelines to help you estimate yardage for cardigans or pullovers, sized for regular ease, worked in plain stitch patterns such as garter, knit, moss, etc.   Note: For Cardigans, add 5% to all yardage estimates.

Babies 12-18 Months
fingering weight: 600-700 yards 
sportweight: 550-650 yards 
worsted weight: 450-550 yards

Toddlers 2-6 Years
sportweight: 800-1000 yards
worsted weight: 600-800 yards 
bulky weight: 550-650 yards 

Children 6-12 Years
sportweight: 1000-1500 yards 
worsted weight: 900-1200 yards
bulky weight: 700-1000 yards 

Misses Sizes 32-40 Bust
fingering weight: 1500-1700 yards
sportweight: 1400-1600 yards 
worsted weight: 1100-1400 yards
bulky weight: 1000-1300 yards

*For a longer, loose fit, or oversized misses-sized pullover 
sportweight: 1500-1900 yards
worsted weight: 1300-1500 yards
bulky weight: 1100-1400 yards

Womens Plus Sizes 42-52 bust
sportweight: 1600-2000 yards 
worsted weight: 1400-1600 yards
bulky weight: 1200-1400 yards 

Men sizes 36-48 Chest
sportweight: 1700-2100 yards 
worsted weight: 1500-1700 yards 
bulky weight: 1300-1500 yards 

*For a longer, loose fit, or oversized man's pullover 
sportweight: 2000-2400 yards 
worsted weight: 1500-1700 yards
bulky weight: 1300-1500 yards 


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