Andria Senini studied art history and applied arts at UCLA. While working in the interior and landscape design profession, Andria developed a product line of hand woven couture and upholstery textiles, which were produced in small custom lots for the interior design trade from 1984 until 2006.  In 2007, Andria returned her focus to hands-on fiber work, under her then-trade name Katsara Yarns.  Over the years, Andria has evolved her business to include her jewelry designs, and in 2010 re-branded her trade name to Vavoosh.

In her Kirkland studio, Andria creates one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces, blending techniques of knitting, weaving, felting, fiber dyeing, textile painting and printing.
Woven Nevada Turquoise Necklace
Andria’s unique textiles are designed to gracefully and comfortably accent the body,and  make a strong visual statement emanating from lively play of color and texture. Unique effects are achieved with modern dyes, combining disparate fibers and blending traditional with modern aesthetic elements. For optimum comfort and luxury, all work is made using fine-grade fibers chosen both for softness and  visual effect.   

Woven Shibori Scarf, 2008

Working within the confines of industry taught me the possibilities and limitations of mass production. Understanding what's not possible to achieve with commercial textiles became my departure point for creating art cloth. Blessed with a good imagination and sound foundation in textiles, I'm driven to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are impossible to produce and replicate in mass production.  Freely exploring the dimensions of woven structure, fiber characteristics, unrestricted texture combinations and color palettes opens infinite possibilities.
Andria's work is available online at  Vavoosh  and at Blue Luna Boutique in Kirkland, Washington

Andria's other interests include creating artisanal natural fragrances and unique pieces of jewelry to accent her textiles.  These can be found online at Perfumessence

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